......... History of Corkerhill and Paisley Canal

History of Corkerhill and the Glasgow, Paisley and Ardrossan Canal

The History of Corkerhill & the Paisley Canal Line

Sketch from a photograph taken at the railway workers' allotments near Corkerhill Depot circa 1940s with the new housing scheme of Mosspark seen across the railway in the background.

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Welcome to John McGee's website on the history of the Glasgow suburb of Corkerhill and its relationship with both the Glasgow, Paisley and Ardrossan Canal and subsequently the Paisley Canal railway line. Feel free to browse through the page links above:-

Early history Corkerhill - history of the area from Stone Age up to 17th Century

Pre-1841 Corkerhill - history of the area from 17th Century until 1841 census

The Paisley Canal - history of the Glasgow, Ardrossan & Paisley Canal

Canal Ballad - the Victorian ballad "The Storm on the Paisley Canal"

Canal v Railway - the Paisley Canal competes with the G&SWR railway company

Corkerhill & Canal Line - history of Corkerhill Village & Railway Depot

Bibliography / Photos - list of sources, photographs, maps and plans available

People of Corkerhill - names of men and women who lived and worked in Corkerhill

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